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Dear Julie,

I just wanted to send you a massive thank you for changing my life! Following your advice, with a combination of oxybutynin, odaban and zeasorb, my sweats and hot flushes have gone from being almost ever present to almost non-existent. That?s a far better outcome that I dared to hope for. I still have severe ME but now I can rest and sleep more comfortably and I no longer have to use precious energy drying off or changing clothes. For the first time in too many years I am able to wear clothes I like rather than having to take into consideration wetness issues. I wasn?t convinced the improvements would last but it's been 3 plus months now and I only have an occasional problem with sweats. My hot flushes are only very rare now too. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I only wish I'd known of you and the group years ago.

Best wishes,



I purchased an idrostar machine and have just completed a treatment and i would like to say thank you it is the first time in 35 years that my hands are dry! if you would like a write up from me i would be more than glad to do so as the machine really does work!

thank you again


Dear Julie

Thanking you for the fantastic site you have created if you would only know the amount you have helped me by bringing the issue out into the open and indeed providing me with access to a cure for my armpits problem all your time and effort is most certainly well worthwhile and very much appreciated. You have changed my life.


Hi! I contacted you in January for information because I didn't want an operation for my general hyperhidrosis and you recommended that I ask my doctor to prescribe Oxybutynin hydrochloride. Which I did. I currently take 5mg twice a day and... IT'S GONE!! No hyperhidrosis any more! I have suffered with this since I was 14, and had to think about whether what I was wearing would show the sweat, and worry about my hands, and feet and face.. everywhere... this has been such a huge issue in my life. I had tried everything anyone could think of to improve the problem, including Propanolol and Amitriptyline, and all the topical treatments. This is the first thing that has had any effect and now the hyperhidrosis is no more! I even forgot to wear deodorant one morning (which has never happened to me before in my life) and it wasn't a disaster!! Thank you so much! My doctor and practice nurse have been so kind helping me and they are going to recommend this treatment to other suffers in our practice. I do get a dry mouth, but nothing I can't deal with.

Helen from Wales

My name is Tracey and I have hyperhidrosis.

At the age of 18, having suffered the embarrassment of wet hands and feet for some time, I had a Sympathectomy. It worked for my hands and face.

However, I am now nearly 40 and up till 18 months ago thought that that was it - a life resigned to black trousers, 10 pairs of shoes in the summer and basically having to hide my problem.

I then read an article by Dr Mark Porter in the Sainsbury's magazine and realised I was reading all about me. My problem had a name and some solutions. I couldn't believe it. I replied to Sainsbury's and had my letter published!! I then went to the doctors and asked for a referral to the dermatology clinic at Kingston, and in 3 months I was there. The consultant was great, really understood my problem and I was offered iontophoresis.

In May 07 I started my treatment - very strange and no real change at first; but after my sessions, a miracle had happened. My feet no longer sweated - amazing, fantastic! I told everyone!!

I have since bought my own iontophoresis machine and only needed a few sessions to 'top up' and now I can have dry feet whenever I want.

I suffered for so long with my problem and did feel annoyed that I was unaware of these treatments.

I would recommend any one to do it. I just need one now for my back, knees and many other places that I don't want to mention; but my feet don’t 'glisten' any more when I am out in sandals and dirt does not stick to me.

The most amazing thing was on holiday in the summer when the sand didn't stick to my feet and I could brush it off easily!

Sorry to have waffled on but to get your newsletter was great and I just hope more people can try these new products.

Yes, it is embarrassing, but you learn to cope. No beige trousers for me!!!

I am using the Idrostar I2m apparatus and have done so for the past 3 years, with very good results.

With thanks


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