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Our website is the prime tool to reach both patients and medical staff, and we are very excited about this updated and improved website - our grateful thanks go to the British Association of Dermatologists for an amazing grant which has made the website revamp possible. It includes a Content Management System that will enable us to add and amend content ourselves, thus being able to keep the site right up to date without incurring additional costs.

The website will also have a database of the patient and medical staff mailing lists, which will streamline the regular newsletter mail outs significantly.

Training for medical staff - Julie regularly addresses groups of dermatologists and dermatology nurses, to update them on the latest treatments. She has also written several clinical papers on the subject of hyperhidrosis.

Leaflets and posters are displayed in outpatients departments and GP surgeries.

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I am a student studying fashion design and am currently working on my final year dissertation/thesis..

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