Frequently Asked Questions - Iontophoresis

Are iontophoresis machines safe?

Can I add medications to iontophoresis water?

Can I use iontophoresis when pregnant?

Can one hope to be cured after several years of iontophoresis treatment?

How do I get referred for iontophoresis?

How do I know if iontophoresis will work for me before I buy a machine?

How do I know if my local hospital provides treatment for iontophoresis?

How do I obtain a VAT exemption?

How does iontophoresis work?

How effective is iontophoresis for the treatment of armpits?

How effective is it?

How long will I need the iontophoresis treatments before seeing results?

How much does a machine cost?

How much water should I put in the trays?

I have been treating myself for several years and everything was fine, however for some reason the treatment is not as effective as it once was?

I have cuts on my skin – will this hurt?

I have had an operation which has left me with metal components in my body. Is this a contra-indication?

If I press a button on my iontophoresis machine and the current does not increase, what is happening?

Is an IUD a contra-indication?

Is it risky to exceed the recommended treatment time?

What temperature should the water be?

When I do a treatment, my skin goes red above the water level. Am I risking burns?

When I treat myself I feel virtually nothing, and yet the galvanometer shows that the current is passing through. Is this normal?

When should maintenance sessions be carried out?

Which machine should I buy for home use?

Why not design a machine with automatic polarity?

What is the iontophoresis treatment schedule/protocol?

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