ODABAN® Spray application

The treatment with ODABAN® Spray is simple and in most cases very effective, but the manufacturer's instructions must be followed. The product must only be applied at bedtime, when relaxed. It is very important the skin to be treated is perfectly dry, as ODABAN® will react with moisture to cause skin irritation. Use a hairdryer or a little talcum powder to dry the skin prior to application and afterwards in the event of over application.

Most users of ODABAN® Spray will find their wetness problems are controlled within a few applications, however, it may be necessary to continue with nightly applications until the problems are resolved. Remember less is more, apply ODABAN® Spray sparingly for the best results. Should too much product be applied the poral plugs will completely block the sweat ducts, which will result in an eventual bursting of the poral plug barrier and a return to the original excessive wetness. In this case it is necessary to rest the skin a few days and then restart treatment but remembering to apply ODABAN® Spray more sparingly.

Frequency of treatment with ODABAN® will often vary with each individual, just take your time and gradually reduce the amount and rate of application to keep you problem free.

To find a supplier: http://www.odaban.com/Buy_Odaban.asp?Language=1

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